(A home might have been) Kassel

Even though 'My home is my Kassel' sounds better, it just isn't.
Documenta was not very inspiring
nevertheless, always worth a look


The last night in Cracow
even all the pugs are sad
I promise to come back


I did not know this place existed.
Beautiful stop as south as you can get in Poland
Enjoying architecture that feels like home, ski-lifts without snow and whiskey

A day out

before disappearing for a month

New Studio

New Studio = New walls that want to be filled with ideas!

Work in progress
All of this for a bottle of water

Plans, plans, plans

Planing an amazing project at my new home studio
This will mainly involve Action on Hearing Loss and some creatives & more creatives

I'll be there soon, but it won't be regular.

The beauty of everyday

Where to go?

Holiday Day @ Bruton

So Pretty!

A well deserved holiday day in Bruton.
Art Day!


Georgian Bingo extravanganza evening at 44AD!
What an amazing evening with all the little Svetas. 
Amazing people, amazing food, love the bingo!

Thank you Katie and all of 44AD - off to new aventures!